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Troester Sharpe, P.C. is a boutique management-side employment law defense firm providing legal strategies and HR solutions to employers to help improve their workplace and their bottom line. We are a trusted partner and advisor, helping our clients navigate the most pressing and complex workplace challenges. Our clients range from national Fortune 500 companies to local businesses and non-profits across a range of industries.

We are dedicated to each client and their success. Every client is a top priority, and our team is committed to providing superior client service, sound legal advice, and effective solutions. Because each client has unique business objectives and goals, we take the time to understand their specific needs so that we can identify risks and opportunities. We leverage our team’s vast expertise to deliver thoughtful, high-quality, and creative solutions to help our clients reach their goals.

We take a proactive and collaborative approach to solving our client’s biggest challenges. Our goal is to identify and address workplace issues before they disrupt their business. We work as a team to find the most effective and efficient solution that is a win for our clients and their workplace.

What We Do

Our sole focus is on representing, counseling, and advising management in employment and labor matters to avoid or mitigate claims and help make the workplace a better and more productive place to work. Whether it is defending our clients against employee claims, providing advice and counsel so they can make better-informed decisions, or educating them so that they can implement best practices, our goal is to help our clients advance their business objectives by minimizing risk and maximizing results.

We represent and defend employers in a variety of employment-related claims by litigating in federal and state court as well as appearing before federal, state, and local agencies.

We provide advice and counsel on all employment-related matters, as well as assist in investigations, draft or revise policies, and provide immediate solutions to employers needing assistance in their workplace.

We provide internal training and compliance seminars for human resource professionals, managers, and non-supervisory employees to coach and implement best practices.

When you work with Troester Sharpe, you get:

• Vast Expertise

We have a dedicated team of skilled attorneys with decades of employment law and litigation experience advising and defending employers.

• Unwavering Commitment

Our clients are our #1 priority. Period. We are accessible and responsive, delivering prompt and efficient client service.

• An Efficient Approach

We assist clients in the most effective, efficient, and focused manner possible—always cognizant of the bottom line.

• Effective Solutions

We take a proactive and collaborative approach to solving our clients’ biggest challenges to find the best solution for their specific needs.

Our Beliefs:

  • Doing what is best to help our clients achieve their goals
  • Honesty, transparency, and trust are our cornerstones
  • Delivering the highest quality client service
  • Being proactive and minimizing risk
  • Constantly evolving to meet the needs of our clients and the demands of an ever-changing labor market landscape

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About Us

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